Our Services


The Women’s Housing Company Ltd is a not for profit housing company as part of the social housing system in NSW. We aim to deliver our services in a supportive and pro-active way, often referred to as best practice. We apply a community development approach as part of our service and are constantly looking for improvements. The  Women’s Housing Company Ltd operates a range of housing programs including affordable housing for women who work.

Long Term Housing

The Women who wish to live alone and are eligible for social housing can apply for housing with the Women’s Housing Company through Housing Pathways. The Women’s Housing Company accepts and assesses Housing Pathways applications and allocates vacant properties from the common NSW housing register.

The Women’s Housing Company also provides Affordable Housing options for women who work. Vacancies for these programs are usually advertised on domain.com.au but interested persons may also request to be kept on a waiting list. Applications may be submitted to the Women’s Housing Company at any time.

Standard Properties

The Women’s Housing Company is the lessor, in other words the landlord for all tenancy agreements.

Some properties are fully managed by the Women’s Housing Company, which are referred to as ‘capital properties’, others are managed by private real estate agencies and they are referred to as ‘leasehold properties’. It is not possible for an applicant or tenant to specifically apply for one or the other; all offers are made based on current availability.

A standard property consists of a one-bedroom unit with a shower or bath tub. All properties are secured by a front door deadlock and security screen or a security main door to the block of units.

Transitional Housing and Supported Housing Programs

The Women’s Housing Company provides a number of its properties for women with support needs either as transitional medium term housing (usually 6-18 months, depending on the program) or in “housing first” style arrangements in partnership with Support Providing Agencies. Access to these properties is through nomination from one of the Support Providing Agencies with which the Women’s Housing Company holds a partnership agreement.

How Much Does It Cost?

Rent is set as per the Community Housing Rent Policy or the NSW Affordable Housing Guidelines.

Tenants in social housing properties pay 25% of their gross assessable income (income before tax) plus 100% of the eligible Commonwealth Rent Assistance; rent is reviewed every 6 months or whenever a change in income occurs.

Tenants in affordable housing properties pay up to 30% of their gross income (income before tax) and Commonwealth Rent Assistance; in most cases rent is reviewed annually and set for the duration of the lease (for tenants on fixed term leases).

Gross income includes all forms of incomes and assets including any financial investments, annuities, inheritance etc. If a tenant owns property anywhere it must be declared. Once housed, all tenants must notify the Women’s Housing Company immediately of any changes to income levels so that rent obligations may be reviewed as appropriate.


Registered community housing provider