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Pioneer of Women's Housing Company to Retire (added 08/08/2014)

Bobbie Townsend, the CEO of Women's Housing Company, has announced her retirement after 28 years leading the organisation that has put a safe roof over the heads of thousands of vulnerable women in New South Wales.  Read the announcement here..


Spring Newsletter

Women’s Housing Company aims to keep tenants and applicants, partner agencies and other community service providers informed about news and events relevant to our services.
Our newsletter is produced quarterly, please click the link to read our latest edition:

Women's Housing Company Spring 2104 Newsletter


Bobbie Townsend interviews WHC longest housed tenant & supports "FAIRbruary 2014" (added 21/03/2014)

Bobbie Townsend, CEO of Women's Housing Company, recently interviewed Susi, our longest housed tenant.  

NCOSS contacted Women's Housing Company seeking consent to include the interview with Susi in their FAIRbruary 2014 "Lets share the benefits and make NSW fairer" campaign, as a case study to highlight the wider benefits of investing in the supply of more social and affordable housing.  Susi was more than happy to share her story and assist in promoting the work of Women's Housing Company.  Read Bobbie's interview with Susi in the NCOSS FAIRBRUARY 2014 bulletin by clicking the link below:

NCOSS FAIRbruary 2014 - Bobbie Townsend interview with Susi


Women's Housing Company - submission to Senate Inquiry into Affordable Housing (added 21/03/2014)

As part of our commitment to the promotion of women and housing issues, Women's Housing Company has prepared a submission to the Senate Standing Committees on Economics, Inquiry into Affordable Housing.  The Senate referred an inquiry into affordable housing to the Senate Economics References Committee on 12 December 2013.  The findings of the Inquiry will be reported 26 June 2014. 

Read Women's Housing Company's submission to the Senate Inquiry into Affordable Housing here:

Women's Housing Company submission to Senate Inquiry into Affordable Housing


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