Housing Services

The Women’s Housing Company (WHC) is committed to responding to all complaints about the company’s service if someone does not think that WHC has followed its own policies or met its published standards.

WHC staff can assist applicants and tenants to make a complaint about the service or to appeal a decision, and stakeholders and community organisations can also lodge complaints.

WHC will manage all complaints and appeals in a fair and transparent way to ensure that the organisation’s service delivery is responsive to concerns raised by tenants. All complainants will receive a written response from WHC about the outcome of the investigation of their complaint within 21 working days. For further information, please see the Complaints and Appeals Policy.


Complaints are where someone is not happy with the service provided by WHC or wants to complain about issues associated with things such as neighbor disputes, common areas, or the maintenance service.

Complaints can be made in writing, by email or expressed over the phone or in person. 

Tenants can use this Complaints Form to make a complaint – WHC Complaints Form


If an applicant or tenant does not agree with a decision made by WHC, or thinks that the decision is unfair, then they can lodge an appeal against that decision. The basis of an appeal may include any of the following reasons:

  • Inadequate consideration was given to their individual circumstances
  • The decision involved an inadequate interpretation of WHC policy
  • The decision was made contrary to the WHC policy
  • The procedure used to reach the decision was not fair and correct

All appeals need to be made to WHC in writing and will be reviewed within 21 days. If the person lodging an appeal does not agree with the outcome of this review they can lodge a second tier appeal to the Housing Appeals Committee (HAC). For more detailed information about how WHC manages appeals, see the Complaints and Appeals policy.

Tenants can use this Appeals Form to lodge an appeal – WHC Appeals Form

All Complaint and Appeal Forms should be sent to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you require any assistance with submitting a complaint or lodging an appeal there is a list of support agencies available here.

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