The Women’s Housing Company offers both Social and Affordable housing to single women without dependents. To apply for Social or Affordable housing please see the information below:


Social Housing

The majority of Women's Housing Company's stock is allocated for general social housing.  Application is made through the social housing common access system known as Housing Pathways.  Housing Pathways allows for a simple, fair and transparent process for applying for Social housing.  Please click on the link below to take you to the forms section and also for additional information on Housing Pathways. 

Housing Pathways Website

Affordable Housing Programs - for women who work an earn an income

A small number of Women's Housing Company's properties are allocated for women who work and earn an income.  Social Housing Subsidy Program and the BlueCHP Affordable Housing Program are two programs for single women without dependents who are working and earning a low to moderate income.

Rents will be based on income brackets and will cater for a mix of lower and moderate incomes.  Unlike social housing, income criteria in affordable housing must be maintained. We have a established a wait list for these properties.  Our affordable housing programs include;

Social Housing Subsidy Program

The Social Housing Subsidy Program may be applied for directly using the Social Housing Subsidy Program Application Form below.  Please note that due to limited stock, there is a very long waiting time for this program.  The location of these units are within the inner west and inner city only.

Social Housing Subsidy Program Application Form

BlueCHP Affordable Housing Programs

BlueCHP Affordable Housing Programs may be accessed through direct application for women earning a Low or Moderate income (please note, eligibility is capped at the National Rental Affordability Scheme limits) using the BlueCHP Application Form.  The location of these units are Northmead and Bankstown only.

BlueCHP application form.pdf




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