Achieving excellence in the provision of affordable housing for single women


The Women’s Housing Company (WHC) is a not for profit community housing provider delivering affordable housing for single women on limited incomes throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area. We are the only housing provider offering long-term housing to single women without dependent children.

We believe that safe, affordable housing for women is essential to achieve independence. We consider the housing needs of single women as our priority and promote this in the wider community.

We employ experienced and qualified staff to assist applicants and tenants. To ensure we deliver the best services possible we support all of our staff to take up ongoing training and learning opportunities. All staff must adhere to the Company’s Code of Practice and WHC’s organisational policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changing needs and demands.

We proactively pursue opportunities to engage with tenants on a regular basis through various participation and engagement activities. We encourage tenant feedback and input, actively promote tenant rights including the right to complaint and appeal, and we support tenants to access all types of assistance.

In 2014, WHC received funding to run a single women’s homelessness service in South Western Sydney. This service works with single women to prevent homelessness, and provides crisis and transitional housing support for women who are homeless. The target group for the service is women experiencing domestic and family violence and women leaving institutional settings, including custodial ones. To find out more about the service, please click here.

The Women’s Housing Company is governed by a Board of Directors that is responsible for the overall strategic directions of the organisation.

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Registered community housing provider