Achieving excellence in the provision of affordable housing for single women

Women’s Housing Company is a not for profit housing association providing affordable housing for single women on limited incomes throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area. We are the only gender specific housing association with a target group of single women without dependent children, partners, other family members or other people.

We believe that safe, affordable housing for women is essential to achieve independence. We consider the housing needs of single women as our priority and promote this in the wider community.

We employ qualified staff to assist applicants and tenants and to ensure team members maintain best practice services we routinely provide professional training. All staff members must adhere to a Code of Practice and our organisational policies & procedures are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect any changing needs and demands.

We proactively pursue opportunities to engage with tenants on a regular basis through various tenant participation and community development activities. We encourage tenant feedback and input and endeavour to integrate as much as our resources will permit. We openly publicise the rights of tenants and the access they have to legal assistance via our internal communication and publications.

Women’s Housing Company is governed by a Board of Directors, who are responsible for the overall strategic directions of the organisation.

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Registered community housing provider